PBX Services

We understand a business’s ability to make and receive calls is

a vital aspect of their operations which is why we offer a host of PBX services.

On-Site and Cloud PBX Support

High quality service and support are essential to any organisation’s telecoms infrastructure. 


By partnering with an expert PBX provider such as United Business Solutions leaves you with the peace of mind that should you experience any technical issues, our dedicated support and technical teams will be available to assist in rapidly resolving your issues.


PBX Services

PBX Relocations

Switchboard Repairs

PBX Lightning Damage

PBX Service and Support

PABX Relocations and Reinstallations

United Business Solutions uses a qualified team of PBX technicians to professionally move, and reinstall your switchboard/PBX system. Businesses are constantly moving premises for a wide range of reasons, when this occurs one critical area often overlooked or left to the last minute is the telephone systems and how it will be moved to and setup at its new location. 

Unlike a photocopier which can easily be relocated to new premises, a PABX system needs to be be custom fitted with cabling carefully reinstalled at the new location to ensure the critical area of voice is not in any way affected. Our technicians can move a wide range of switchboards:

Switchboard Repairs

United Business Solutions offers businesses in South Africa switchboard repairs nationwide. Our team of technicians are trained on various PABX brands, including Panasonic PABX’s, Samsung PABX’s, NEC PABX’s, and Yeastar PABX’s.


Since the ability to receive calls is a critical aspect of almost every business, United Business Solutions offers switchboard repairs on a monthly contract or on a per-call-out basis ensuring your switchboard system is always covered in the event an issue arises.

PABX Lightning Damage Repair​

United Business Solutions has noticed how lightning damage is having an increasing effect on PBX systems and networks. These PABX systems play an important role in all businesses and are used extensively in virtually every sector of the company. Disruption to your operations as a result of lightning damage to your switchboard system may result in data loss, downtime, and inconvenience to your staff and your customers. PBX lightning damage repair is an important service United Business offers to its clients.



United Business Solutions’ PABX systems do come with internal lightning protection circuits and we recommend external protection devices as well, however it is hard to predict the intensity of the lightning before it strikes and therefore we can only protect your switchboard system to a certain level.



Lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge caused by unbalanced electric charge in the atmosphere, a typical thunderstorm may have three or more strikes per minute at its peak. With our nationwide qualified service team, United Business Solutions is able to offer immediate assistance if you have experienced damage to your switchboard system or are requiring repairs. We will make sure your PABX system is up in running order in the minimal amount of time. Loan units are also available at request.

PABX Service and Support

Phone and Data Cabling

Contact us to request a quote on expert phone and data cabling. Through years of expertise our technical team can overcome any obstacle in completing or assisting in relocating existing cable infrastructure. 

Technical Call outs

Technical call outs for your switchboard system need to be expertly dealt with, incoming voice is an essential part of any business and any down time can be devastating to service levels and customer satisfaction. United Business Solutions offers two models for your technical assistance:

  • Log a service call if you are on a maintenance contract through our expert technical team.
  • Request a call out pro rata from our support desk. You will be quoted and receipt of payment, a technician will be dispatched to your location to assist in the telecom issues you may be experiencing. Please note we will need a full description of your system to ensure our technician is qualified to handle your specific system.

Switchboard and PBX Maintenance Contracts

United Business Solutions offers all of its clients the option of a fully inclusive maintenance contract. PBX Maintenance contracts offer huge advantages to companies wishing to keep maximum uptime on their telephone systems as a priority. Maintenance contracts ensure that technicians are on standby to offer assistance in programming, technical troubleshooting and ensuring maximum uptime on your companies voice systems. 

PBX User and System Training

A PBX system can range from very simple analogue PBX systems right through to fully integrated full IP unified communication systems. Whichever system your organisation may procure, training is essential to ensure all of the productivity features are utilised to ensure you realise the full benefit of your voice solution. 

Call Recording Solutions

Call logging also known as call recording is becoming an essential component of organisations voice solution. With new guidelines set out by the CPA act, organisations need to be able to record and review voice calls at all times. United Business Solutions offers professionally installed and commissioned call recording solutions.

Contact centre applications that use call recording include:

  • Order verification
  • Security and safety
  • Customer service

Message on Hold Systems

Message on hold is an essential marketing tool for any business as well as keeping callers entertained while they wait on hold. Professionally recorded voice messaging allows you to promote your brand, products and services to every person that calls in. Messages on hold will give your business a professional image while marketing your products and services at the same time. Statistics on calls:

  • 70% of all calls are placed on hold.
  • The average on hold time is a staggering 43+ seconds.
  • 90% of new callers hang up after 40 seconds without on hold.
  • 34% of callers that hang up will not call back.
  • Callers stay on hold up to 3 times longer because of our on hold messages.

It’s easy to see that with so many callers and prospects being put on hold every day, ‘hold time’ becomes valuable promotional space that allows you to:

  • Let callers know about new products or services
  • Cross-sell or upsell current products or services
  • Let callers know about important changes to your business
  • Promote a professional, polished image that makes callers feel comfortable dealing with you
  • Keep callers entertained on hold, so they are in a positive frame of mind when you take their call

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