CCTV Camera Systems

Safeguard your people and assets with world-class security camera

systems installed by professional technicians.

CCTV Camera Supplier and Installer

United Business Solutions offers supply, installation, renting, servicing and maintenance of CCTV camera solutions. This includes: 

  • Onsite Training
  • 24 hour support, 7 days a week
  • We point out security risk areas and give options to reduce high risk areas

We supply the South African CCTV market with leading brands at exceptional prices. we aim to accommodate the needs of all markets, from a small 2-person operation to a large-scale corporation, we will have something to suit your company’s neeeds.

Our Aim

We aim to help reduce shrinkage within your company and monitor processes for quality control, health and safety purposes.


Our objective is to help your company monitor, detect and record any unauthorised activities referring to what may cause losses or liabilities within your company such as break-ins, damage and theft. Footage recorded can help with identification of criminals and can serve as proof in court.

CCTV Camera Rentals

CCTV rentals include numerous benefits over outright purchases:

Tax Advantages

A rental is considered as an operating expense and is therefore fully tax deductible.

Conservation of Working Capital

Conservation of working capital as there is no need to outlay working capital on rapidly depreciating items.

Upgrade to new technology whenever needed

Modern Office technology become rapidly obsolete, CCTV rental allows companies to upgrade to the most up to date technology without taking large capital losses.

Off Balance Sheet financing

CCTV rentals are an operating expenses and thus do not affect the key ratios and metrics of an organizations balance sheet.

We offer an alternative to buying our systems, renting through the bank or our in-house finance facility. To rent a CCTV system is an excellent way to enjoy high quality surveillance solutions without making a dent in your cash flow.

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CCTV System Brands

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