Samsung (SCM) Communication Manager – Compact/Enterprise PBX


  • The Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) is a pure IP based all-in-one communications solution
  • All the benefits of Unified Communications
  • Enterprise-grade call control with many built-in applications
  • Smart Routing – reduce call costs by converting 3G/4G calls to extension calls
  • SCM compact supports up to 512 users while the SCM Enterprise model can support to 3000 users
  • Hot swap capability
  • Built-in applications including Unified Messaging, Voice Conferencing, and Automatic Call Distribution
  • Excellent integration of mobile phones into voice network
  • Integrated voice mail, auto attendant, email messages, email gateway and access manager
  • Offers functionality from a single, virtualised server
  • Perfect for companies with multi-site branches
  • Pure IP solution
  • Simple licensing process
  • Scalable to suit your needs
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