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Telecoms Support

Guides and FAQ’s on selling to, submitting, loading, servicing and billing United Voice clients.

Number Porting

The short answer is yes, however we suggest you do not use it.


Telkom will charge you to receive calls as it is directed to a number on the Telkom network. Telkom charges from 65 to 72c per minute to receive calls from a Telkom 086 number onto any other fixed line network i.e. United Telecoms.

To point the 086 smart number to our UBS numbers, you need to contact Telkom and provide them with the UBS number that you require the 086 smart access to be directed or pointed to.

Client to email – Attached request on company letterhead and statement from United Telecoms.


We do not suggest opting for Telkom 086 numbers as they are routed through a legacy analogue network before being transferred to the United Telecoms network, which can cause a slight delay on the calls.


Sometimes client’s forget to pay their Telkom bill, in which case you will not receive any calls. Sometimes Telkom’s routing goes wrong and you will not receive calls. For the most part it will work but it will cost you unnecessary expenditure and add routing complexity to receiving calls.


In our opinion the perception of using an 086 number is skewed. Business owners believe it will give them a national presence and feel. You can pay even more for an 0860 GOLDEN (Golden number).


In truth South Africans prefer to dial a direct normal number. No one really likes hunting for letters on keypads. Using a Telkom 086 can cost a small business client more than the his entire United Voice Cloud PBX monthly service fee and calls.


The only time it makes sense, is if the number has been in use for many years and you have the same set of customers calling, i.e. a lot of repeat callers.

If you have a rotational client base, new clients signing up consistently or you have not used it in an extensive amount of marketing material then do not continue to use it.


You may request a 087 number from UBS Telecoms instead. We can on rare occasion offer you an 086 number from the United Telecoms network if you just have to have one (however we have very few so it is only offered in special cases).


A reminder, we have a UBS branded FTTH map available from Vox Telecom, please follow the below link to access:




For all your other coverage checks please use the following:






UVC LTE Voice:


LTE Data (Telkom):


This article is a how to guide on assisting you with the correct process, documentation and contact details to use when cancelling your Telkom services, specifically your Business Landlines.

This article indicates best practices that must be followed when setting up and working on existing United Voice Cloud clients.
  • IP Phone passwords must be set top the “Secret” password as indicated in PBXware
  • Regular IP addresses failing to register on PBXware must be added to blocked SIProt IP address list.
  • All accounts must be set up with a Hard Limit and Soft Limit
  • All accounts must be set up to email

The below is required for all United Voice (UV)/United Voice Cloud (UVC) deals, please follow the below. All UVC/UV application submissions must include the following documents scanned together and attached to the email accordingly:


Email Attachment/s:

  1. Subscriber Application Form
  2. Supporting Documents
    – Copy of ID of Signatory
    – Bank Confirmation Letter
    – Company Registration documents
  3. Port Documents
    – Copy of Supplier invoice reflecting the number(s)
    – Copy of ID of Signatory
    – Port letter on company letterhead
    – GNP authorization form on company letterhead
  4. Cancellation Documents (TELKOM ONLY)
    – Copy of Supplier invoice reflecting the number(s)
    – Copy of ID of Signatory
    – Cancellation letter on company letterhead
  5. Coverage Check (LTE, Microwave, Fibre)
  6. UVC Order Sheet
  7. UVC Extension Schedule
    – Include Special billing instructions under “Purchasing Notes”

As you have recently encountered Voice Quality or Service Dropping, this article will help to explain the cause and how to resolve this problem.


There are three core reasons that contribute to quality issues on VoIP telephone calls.

  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Bandwidth

Of the issues listed above, the root cause is typically always Internet bandwidth and/or poor Internet connection.


What Causes this Problems?

Poor voice quality or breaks in service occur when voice packets arrive out of sequence, VoIP moves voice calls in the same manner that data is moved across the internet – in data packets.

For VoIP calls to sound clear, packets need to arrive in the correct sequence in real-time. An unstable or overused internet connection is typically the reason data packets arrive out of sequence creating a poor call experience. Ensuring your internet connection is stable and not overutilised is key to a high quality VoIP telephone call.


How to fix the problem?

LTE/4G Based Voice

LTE is quick to deploy and affordable, it is however a “best-effort” product, meaning LTE data routes are shared amongst multiple customers and quality of the connection can vary greatly. LTE shares the wireless link to your Internet Service Providers tower with your neighbour’s, and as such, your LTE Internet connection and quality fluctuates with the volume of traffic you and those in your area push over LTE. For this reason LTE is a suitable connection option but quality and stability can fluctuate with local over usage. We can assist you in checking, assessing and supplying your VoIP LTE connection.

Below is the United Business Solutions escalation process when encountering LTE issues at a clients site.

  1. Confirm that no onsite hardware or network issues are causing the issue. This is done by accessing and reviewing the local network.
  2. Check the settings on the LTE voice router and check the location of the router – Poor tower signal strength at the physical location of the router will cause voice and service delivery issues.
  3. If the above steps are unable to permanently resolve, we will consider a Sim Swap to use another network provider in your area or if signal strength is an issue we will consider adding a Yagi antenna to boost signal strength to local LTE tower. In some cases we may attempt both actions.
  4. Finally, should all of the above fail to resolve call quality or stability issues we will contact you via your Account Manager to assist with assessing alternatives at your location. These include, Wireless Broadband, Fibre and mobile Smartphone apps.

It is important to remember that LTE is a best effort service and is only as reliable as the local tower infrastructure in your areas. Another key point is that Voice is live and therefore any issues on your LTE connection degrade or stop the voice service. Unlike email or web browsing a dropped LTE connection terminates a call.


Fibre based Voice
Is considered the most stable form of Internet connectivity. Typically a solid fibre connection will resolve call quality issues. United Telecoms can assist you with your Fibre needs.


Wi-Fi based Voice
If you are connecting to a Wi-Fi router make sure that your connection is solid, not disrupted by walls, distance or any other factor and that the correct ports are open. We can assist you in checking the setup of your Wi-Fi router.

Photocopier & Printer Support

Guides and FAQ’s to assist our clients in their ongoing support with United Business Solutions.

Service Calls

Below is a short summary explanation on why remote support calls are chargeable to clients.


Charging for remote technical assistance (Applicable to those clients who are not serviced by an “SLA” – Service Level Agreement or for services not included in the SLA ) is a standard business practice. The time and skills of the technicians who perform these tasks in addition to the resources that are provided to them in order for the team to do so, have a significant monthly cost attached to them. We do strive to look after our clients in every way possible, however this needs to be done in a sustainable manner. Please do let us know should you be interested in signing up for a SLA, as the above technical assistance would be covered in this case going forward.

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