Samsung OfficeServ 7070 PBX System


Samsung OfficeServ 7070 is an IP-PBX optimized for small and medium sized businesses having less than 50 employees. It supports not only VoIP communications, but works perfectly with existing communication infrastructures.

    • Easy Installation

    • Supports all the call functions of the existing PBX Full compatibility with the OfficeServ 7000 series using identical S/W and terminals Scalability of multiple service boards into the universal slot A refined design suitable for small and medium-sized offices
    • Scalability

    • Various line groups can be configured through expansion in 4-line units
    • VoIP Support

    • Supports 8 VoIP channels without additional equipment Reduces communication costs by working together with Internet telephony service providers through the SIP trunk support An integrated VoIP network can provide seamless collaboration with a remote office
    • Built-in Applications

    • Supports Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, and CID function without additional equipment Equipped with Internal MOH, External MOH, Paging, and Contact
    User-friendly Terminal Lineup

  • Supports IP phone, video phone, SIP phone, softphone, 3G dual phone, Wi-Fi phone, digital phone, and analog phone
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